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kburrus_webready-2aHi there! I’m Kathy Burrus, Story Teller, Speaker, Life Coach for women and couples seeking to intentionally design hope in their stories as they

  • engage life,
  • empower love
  • and embrace loss. 


If you are looking for my qualifications for all of those things, you will want to click here.  If you want my story, keep reading.

I became a coach at a time in my life when I needed one and didn’t know it.  I got into coaching, not because I had all the answers. In fact, truth be told, it was because of all the questions related to…

life issues that rocked my world
losses that left me feeling anything but whole
relationships that did as much to bring me down as lift me up.

Life gets that way sometimes- just plain messy!

My husband, Rennie and I became acutely aware of the fact that putting two strong individuals into one relationship was full of challenges. But we married anyway! And 35 plus years later, I can tell you that we would do it all over again.

Rennie & KathyWe might not have said that a few years ago when we were going through one of the most difficult places that we had ever experienced.

  • We left a career we loved.
  • We lost our youngest daughter in a car-pedestrian accident. She was 15 at the time.
  • We both became entrepreneurs- the second most difficult role in our lives next to parenting.
  • We became empty-nesters.

Yet, in the middle of it all, we were once again reminded that our life & marriage would not survive, let alone be great,  if each of us weren’t doing our part!  No matter how much I wanted him to “fix it” (or he wanted me to) we both had gaping holes in our  hearts.  We had to each be willing to look at our own ‘stuff’!

Green HOPE Coaching … came to be as I experienced life in the mess of it all. Life came through the intersection of my story with those closest to me; my husband, daughters, family and with other women and men in my path.  It grew through authentic, sincere, most times messy, awe inspiring, life changing community.

Not only am I a stronger individual, but we are stronger as a couple too!

How are you doing?

As wonderful as life is and as marriage can be, it can also be our greatest challenge.  Yet there is HOPE for your life journey to be vibrant and full of life.

It is important to recognize that NOW is the time to invest your time, energy, and effort into making it that way.  NOW is the time to learn skills and develop habits that will strengthen your life skills, from discerning your next steps to learning how to communicate.

You don’t just start doing those things when you first notice “problems”, though you are probably checking out my webpage because you have noticed some.  It can be really difficult to resolve the “issues”, especially when you are hurting so badly from them.

What if you were proactive and clarified what you want to be true at the end of your story?

What if you identified your vision for your life and created a ‘bullseye’ to aim for?

What do you want to said about you when you are celebrating your 80th birthday or a 50th wedding anniversary?  Considering what you want the special people in your life to say about you ‘down the road’ is part of making steps to get there.

Don’t put it off!  Now is the time!  NOW is when you align your values and your dreams to your next steps- and relationships and roles in your life. 

I am not a counselor who helps you deal with the pain in your past. Though addressing the messages from the past is part of conquering them for your future.

I am a coach and a story teller! I am here to help you step back from your story and move from where you are now to where to want to be. We may have to look back, but only to see what is keeping you from moving toward your dream.  And maybe, we can keep some of the issues from ever becoming a big deal.

Most importantly you learn from your story and are able to share out of that to your world.

I would be privileged to journey with you as you work toward intentionally designing hope in your story in LIFE,LOVE & LOSS.

We are creating a movement of hope!  Join us!


Want to know more about my story?  Check out new book, Lovely Traces of Hope, just out in August 2016.  Want to know more now, click here. 

Looking for my credentials.  Check here!

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Intentionally Designing Hope in LIFE, LOVE and LOSS