I am delighted to help people intentionally design hope for their life and marriage. It is great to write the ending they want for the rest of their story!  Want to hear what others are saying about Kathy Burrus and Green Hope Coaching? 

Why is that important to you? How do you see that becoming a part of your life?  What would you like your first step to be?  How will you feel after you accomplish that?  How can I support you right now?
Kathy Burrus is a woman of many questions.  Questions she asks from her heart, seeking a way to help others connect with their inner purpose.  Her welcoming approach to life is centered around her faith in God and focuses on touching as many lives as she can within her reach.  Simply put, Kathy is a servant to positively building the emotional well-being of others.
JENN WENZKE Life and Business Coach Founder,
So Now Professional Network for Women, Northwest Ohio

Kathy how very precious your journey is to watch. You, no longer lame, moving and flowing out of Grace. You write differently than before, the broken hard of it all producing a story otherwise unattainable. I can’t fathom the pain I know you have walked but I see the beauty unfolding. And I thank you for using it to make a difference.  JOANN FORE, Author of When a Woman Finds Her Voice

Talk about a woman who has experienced life at many levels!!! Knowing Kathy personally, and knowing only a part of her life struggles, helps me to know that Kathy can relate to those suffering in this crazy world….Beth

Thank You Kathy…I will never forget the hope pattern you have set for me by example and sharing your story and coaching… client

I can’t begin to put into words what your presentation meant to me.  It was powerful.  God has called you to a great ministry.  One man told me, “I am 82 years old and today I learned a lot about myself.” You have been a life line for me through your blogs, presentations and life. You are a blessing…. Janet

I have been singing your praises for helping me move forward.  I KNOW I am where I need to be.  My business is growing slowly and steadily – which is perfect for me.  I am meeting amazing people in the wellness business through courses I am taking…. Becky

I can’t begin to thank you enough for letting God use your loss, your pain and your story to touch the hearts and lives of so many of us that are in similar places of loss and exile….Randy

I want to first of all thank you for your teaching. You were a tremendous blessing. You are so passionate in your work. Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge….Patrick

Kathy has a very unique way of asking questions that really get to the core of your heart and soul.  If you want to work on improving yourself, your attitudes and your hope for the future see what classes are coming up….Marilyn

How did you know what questions to ask?  I didn’t think my husband was capable of saying something like that to me- or about me?  Thank you!  It was so special to me to hear him say those words. … Celebrate the Dance participant

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