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Wondering if this book is for you?  Here is what others are saying about it.

By Lydia R. Tschetter on August 20, 2016

One of the most beautiful and deeply-moving stories you will ever read! A wonderful book for those who are grieving, but also a wonderful book for all of us who suffer loss in so many different ways. Kathy writes with honesty through her own pain to speak to that place in all of our hearts that often wonders what God is doing and longs to see how He will show up in our pain each and every day.


By Geoffrey Eubank on August 18, 2016

Only someone who has suffered this much could write a book this helpful for those who grieve. The author shares her own journey in a way that will bring hope to others also. I highly recommend this book.Lovely Traces of Hope
  • Becky Harling, speaker,
    author of The 30 Day Praise Challenge and
    certified life and leadership coach with The John Maxwell Team.

Is there hope after death? With grace and gut level authenticity, Kathy gently takes you by the hand and leads you to hope that can be found in even the darkest places of your story. I promise you, you will walk away changed after reading Kathy’s story!

  • Barbara Hubbell, Spiritual Director
    Dearest Kathy, There are so many words that I would want to write about your love work – yet I will trust that the Spirit has shared with me the words that are most helpful and true for your journey.  I love you and admire -beyond words – your courage and tenacity to complete this request from God. I am cheering you on dear friend.

    For the reader of Lovely Traces of Hope:

    Hold this story as though you are holding a new life… for in many ways you are.

    Read this story of a woman who is learning to trust the God of Love through the process of life… which for her is through the process of death.

    Behold this story and trust the slow work of God.


  • Deb Nevergall, Author of The Heart Never Forgets:

    Sometimes I feel stuck and purposeless … But today I heard ‘Deb, I have called you to a specific purpose. Don’t fret’ 

    Your words are heart wrenching, yet inspiring. As a mother, and especially one walking the same broken road, I feel every sharp pang of despair. Yet there is hope hope in a brown and muddy world. Thank you for being a light to all of us walking in battle worn and tattered shoes. God bless.


  • From Laura Hayford, Life Coach at Lives Enriched

    Just want to give praise to my friend, Kathy Burrus, on her new book Lovely Traces of Hope. This book is a must read for anyone trying to better understand faith in adversity. Kathy tells a story of loss, love, redemption, and faith. Her journey will tug at your heart and inspire you to find a deeper meaning in your walk with Jesus. Her superb writing will leave you deeply touched and forever hopeful. Check it out for yourself on Amazon.


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