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The next POWER HOUR is starting soon.  You are on this page because you’ve…
Got questions about POWER hour, right? 

Here are a few questions other have asked- and my answers to them.

Why do I need to do this POWER Hour?  Can’t I do this myself?

Absolutely you can!  In fact, because you are even looking at the POWER HOUR information tells you me you are already working to accomplish your goals and looking for things that might help you do that.

But often proactive women (and men)  place themselves in accountability to someone else to be sure they do what they want to do.

Besides the accountability, sometimes it helps to have an objective voice to ask the hard questions, the why questions, the why didn’t you and the what’s next questions. Are you willing to find your own answers?

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I feel uncomfortable sharing my ‘issues’ with strangers on the call.  What is the value in that?

Well, first off- they are only strangers until we introduce ourselves at that first session.  Then we are friends- and yes, we can develop quick relationships even over the phone or video calls.

Secondly, the power of a group setting is the synergy that happens when we combine our dreams, skills and resources and yes even our obstacles and help each other do greater things than we ever imagined

We quickly realize our ‘issues’ are not so personal.  Others are struggling and finding victory over very similar ‘issues’.  Why reinvent the wheel?  We use this time to share, challenge and cheer each other on to make our difference in the world.

Why do you do POWER HOUR over the phone or video calls?

1. POWER HOUR is designed to be a short, one hour commitment and lets you get back to work more quickly.

2. Doing our calls virtually saves travel time.

3. The calls allow you to meet women from different parts of the country to connect and share lives. The richness of expanding our relationships is another benefit of the POWER HOUR

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What are others  saying about POWER HOUR?

Kathy was able to help me identify my priorities, any obstacles, overcome my fears, and to set goals with a plan to move forward. Most times, my answers were right in front of me, but I just couldn’t see them on my own. -Becky C

My business coach has been telling me for years that the only way I was going to achieve my goals in a timely way was to work with an accountability partner or to participate in a mastermind group. I have to admit, I have tried both and neither one of them helped me break through any roadblocks or achieve any specific goals.  It wasn’t until I joined this particular mastermind, facilitated by this particular coach – Kathy Burrus – that I was able to finally understand the benefit and necessity of accountability.

What was different this time?

1. We followed a strict format that was adhered to without exception.

2. I was asked to breakdown my BIG goal into what I wanted to achieve in the month of March – no more – no less.

3. I then mapped out the steps involved to reach my goal and hose ONE part to focus on.

4. Finally I had to explain why I wanted to achieve my goal and what it meant to me personally.

Jenn W.

What are your questions?

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I look forward to talking about POWER HOUR with you.

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