You are Invited…

You are invited …to view some memories from our special moment.

Remember & Dedicate logoSome called it a  launch party for the book and we watched as 100 copies of Lovely Traces of Hope found a home.

But for the Burrus family and friends, it was a 10th year anniversary to REMEMBER Leisha’s life and the influence she had in many of our lives.  It was also be a time to remember how God has shown up in our stories since then and to consider what we have learned about God and ourselves, life and hope.

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We DEDICATED the book, Lovely Traces of Hope,  and the message written in it before we sent it out into the world.  But we also dedicated ourselves to sharing our own message of hope with our world.



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We ate together, talked and started a movement of HOPE!

These are a few of our memories of the moment:

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The Lovely Ladies who made this event happen! Thank you Pat, Jenny, Janice & Christy! I love and need you in my life!
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with our daughter Caitlin and her husband, Jack Andrews.
My sister, Cyndy, and two neices, Kristen and Shannon
My sister, Cyndy, and two neices, Kristen and Shannon

I was also delighted to have THREE YOUNG LADIES with us who, along with several others, all share their stories in the epilogue of the book.










Thank you to all who came to celebrate, and remember, and dedicate this special moment to the Lord- the LIVING ONE WHO DIED and showed up in powerful ways over the past 10 years of my story.

I /We are so very grateful for your presence in our lives.


PS.  If you would like your own copy of the book, go to  If this link doesn’t take you directly to the book- just type in my name, Kathy Burrus.  (How cool is that?) Then if you are able, please go back to that page and leave a review for the book.  Share how God has shown up in your story.

Thanks much!






Intentionally Designing Hope in LIFE, LOVE and LOSS