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Lovely Traces of Hope

I am grateful to share with you Lovely  Traces of Hope. This is a book started by my daughter, Leisha before she died at the age of 15.  I sensed it was given to me to finish.

It is available for purchase through AMAZON. Just click on the link to take you there.  And Yes, a Kindle version is also available.

The description on the back of the book reads: 

Days after the sudden death of her 15-year-old daughter, Leisha, Kathy Burrus found chapter one of a book her daughter had begun to write. Overwhelmed with grief, Kathy asked many of the questions we ask ourselves in life’s most painful moments;

  • Why is this happening to me?
  • Where are you God?
  • How can I deal with this unexpected pain in my life?

It was Leisha’s unfinished book that penetrated deep into the torn and broken heart of her mother. As Kathy wrote to finish Leisha’s story, Leisha pointed her mom to see the lovely traces God revealed about himself in random and unexpected ways. The Living One who Died became alive in Kathy’s life like never before.

Do you struggle to see goodness from the God who has allowed your journey to have heart-wrenching pain? Do you long to experience the hope that God promises you?

God is giving you Lovely Traces of Hope each day. In this book, Kathy reveals how she began to see them and how you can too.

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I am honored by your interest and support.  Thank you so much!

I’m writing to finish the story Leisha started; her story and mine.  But as you read it you will find that it isn’t just our story.  It is my prayer that it will connect deeply with your story and give you hope. Because my primary goal is to write about the many ways this Living One who died showed up in our story.

That’s the real story- in my life and yours!

So…what can you do?

  1. Read it!  See if the Lord wants to use the message in these pages to speak into your own story.
  2. Share it!  Share it with friends, share it online, write a review on Amazon or send a testimonial to me at kathy@greenhopecoaching.com.  If it connected with you, there is someone in your world who needs to hear this message of hope too.
  3.  Join in!  Join the movement of hope by getting involved in the Lovely Traces of Hope team.  You will receive periodic updates, prayer requests, and upcoming events.  Just sign up on the form below.
  4. Tell it!  Take time to listen to the message you have been given through your story and tell it to someone who is in your life for just that purpose.  To hear your story.

Join us in building a movement of hope!

Just sign up below and get a link to the Lovely Traces of Hope: chapter 14 Turning East so you can get started reading.   Glad to have you on the team!

2 thoughts on “Order Your Book Here!”

  1. Kathy, I am lifting you up in prayer. I know you can do this and I am so very proud of you! It takes a great deal of courage and faith. Please keep me posted about your progress!



  2. Even though Leisha and I were cousins, distance prevented us from being as close as we could have been. I was 17 when Leisha died and I still remember exactly where I was, who I was with, and the immediate shock and disbelief I felt. This was the first death in my life involving someone in my family who was so young. One thing I learned was that we are not invincible when we are young even though we think we are untouchable. The sanctity of life has been impressed on me even more strongly because of Leisha’s death. It could happen at any moment, to anyone. I have been through several more deaths of friends and family since 2006 and I still don’t know if I have mastered the art of dealing with grief. I tend to withdraw, shut down and not let anyone in to help me. However, going through a death of someone so young has enabled me to understand the grieving process more fully, especially regarding the families involved.
    The main thing I will remember from Leisha’s funeral was the number of people who attended, the lives she touched while she was alive and the celebrative atmosphere of the whole ordeal. She was full of joy in life and death. I can’t wait to see her again!

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