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Hey! Pay Attention!

Have you noticed lately how challenging these days are?

You know the ones. You are so very ready for Spring to get here.
You get a glimpse of it, a hint of warmth and then…

and then it snows again!
March 29, 2014 another snow day

And then it snows again!

Cold returns – not just a little
With it comes the wind
And rain – not a beautiful spring rain but the cold, ice rain yet of winter.   It is snowing hard enough that it blinds you from seeing what’s ahead.  Gray days stifle & drain the hope from your day.

These are the days we must pay attention.

See, these are days we don’t realize how unsettled we feel. We just know we don’t like it any more. We don’t notice our deep sighs and continual complaining. We don’t understand how we are compounding the ache that those around us might be feeling.

These are the days when it feels like it’s always winter,  never Easter.

Pay attention friends!

This is the time for you and for me to be intentional:
to remember God is doing a different kind of miracle.
to appreciate the work Christ did out of love -out of obedience.
To embrace the moments of grieving, of burying the dead places of our heart.
to anticipate the resurrection.

Easter is coming!
The resurrection in nature will reveal itself to us in time.

But we have the privilege of preparing for it.
And as we do, actually living out the power of the resurrection of Christ now. The resurrection of our very lives.

What can you do to embrace this moment?
What do you do to keep hope alive in you during days like this?

Share your comments below.

You never know when something you say would be an encouragement to someone who is really struggling.

Just. One. More. P.U.S.H!

I’m not sure I remember the last time I’ve said this to myself. But I remember vividly hearing it in childbirth! “Come on Kathy, just one more push and that beautiful little girl will be here!!!

Sorry if that’s gross to you! But it describes perfectly how I’ve felt the past couple of weeks.

I ‘voluntarily’ signed up for the ROPP TRIPLETT Business Plan Competition put on by the Bluffton Center for Entrepreneurs.

I knew that entering this competition would hold me accountable to intentionally looking at what needs to happen in my business.

I knew that I needed a deadline for getting it done so I could get on with the work of Green Hope Coaching.

I knew I needed a challenge that inspired me to be the best I could be.

Well, final presentations were this week. For the last two weeks, I just kept saying,  ” Just ONE MORE PUSH Kathy! Give it all you’ve got just a little bit longer. You are almost there!”

So I did!

One more session of working through my customer analysis.
One more  late night considering my marketing plan.
One more dig into the key trends of the coaching industry.
One more afternoon printing, and hole punching and organizing pages for the presentation.
One more practice run in giving my presentation.


ghc biz plan cover

And it’s done!  This baby has been born.  The dream of Green Hope Coaching now has more strategic planning and structure to it than I ever imagined.  It is beautiful! Win or lose in the competition- my business and I have won!

Was it hard!  Oh yes!
Would I do it again!  I am pretty sure I will- different place- different topic- but I will challenge my self to the hard stuff again.

Why?  Because I KNOW what I want to be about now more than ever.  Not just my business, but ME- Kathy Burrus.

I want to influence people- to intentionally design HOPE in life, love and loss!

How about it?  Ready to look at your life- and aim for your dream?
All it takes is ONE. MORE. PUSH! to get started!

(P.S. We won’t know the results of the competition for a few days yet.  But…I’m not waiting around. I’ve got work to do!)