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Life’s Too Short!

Today I’m sitting in a booth at Panera people watching mostly.  I had visions of writing- a blog, a chapter, even an email, but I’m just not into it.  I’m tired! Discouraged! Weary!  Yet I’m not!

Do you ever have those days?  When you feel like you can’t do the next thing even though you are excited about it.  You even like what you are doing!

A college team of girls and their coaches came in for dinner. I didn’t ask if it was volley ball or basketball, but immediately the space around me was filled with conversation.

As I sat watching I reflected back on my own journey.

When you are young, you don’t think about life ending.  You are  young!  You expect to have all of life ahead of you! You live and dream and plan as if there is nothing stopping you.

When  you are in your 20’s, you get a job or marriage that keeps you focused.  The job wasn’t what you thought it would be- but hey, it’s a job.  You marriage isn’t the fairy tale you dreamed it would be, but hey you are in love. You still have the energy and the stamina to tackle anything in your way, so you keep on with determination.

You hit your 30’s and 40’s and suddenly thing gets harder.  You get the promotion you thought you wanted and the family you always dreamed of.  Now you have trouble remembering what your dream is because somewhere, someone else is telling you what to do.  Your boss, the needs of your kids, the bills that must be paid. You can’t imagine what it would look like to stop what you are doing- if you drop one ball the whole thing will be crashing in on you. So you keep going!

You turn 50! You either lost your passion for The job you had or you got laid off.  Now you are starting over again. The kids are going to or finishing college, you are prompted to remember the dreams you had when you were their age.  You long for that ability to face the future with such vibrancy and freedom.

i’m not sure about the next 60’s on up.  I’m not there…yet!

But what happens if at any point along the way- life would end unexpectedly.  What if you die? at 94, or 68, or 27, 15 or maybe 8? Continue reading Life’s Too Short!

Who is carrying your team?

How many times in your marriage relationship have you asked a question that begins with “What if?”

She asks “What if I go to all this effort & he doesn’t notice?”

He asks, “What if I try & she rejects me and says it’s not good enough?”

So many things we decide not to do because of ‘What if?”

But what if we both get serious about this relationship and be willing to do the next hard thing.  We want so much for love to be easy, but it’s not.  It is hard to humble ourselves and give

Out of love

true love

God given love

That we committed to at some point in our life.

Too often somewhere along the line, one or both of us started living complacent.  We became willing to get by

Not addressing the issues

Letting things ride

But under the surface we are starting to feel something

A disappointment

Or an aggravation

Or an anger

That begins to boil

And creates an internal distance

Which eventually becomes a visible distance!

Then it becomes much more difficult to work through than if we faced it right away.

I know- I KNOW- it’s hard!
Ren & I have been married 35 years- WE KNOW!

But Continue reading Who is carrying your team?

The Artist Manifesto: Will You Create?

Reposting with permission of the author, Jeff Goins.  As we close the year, do we dare to  use the voice that God has given us, to pursue the dream that was planted in us. Here’s to being the prophet or the poet – and influencing  the world!

Continue reading The Artist Manifesto: Will You Create?

30 Day Challenge Final PUSH

30 Day UpdateIf you started the 30 DAY CHALLENGE with me on October 27th, that means you have one week left to complete your goal.

How are you doing?  Have you stayed on track with your plan?

My month went great the first 2 weeks.  The fact that I set my goal and created a plan went a long way toward moving forward.

But this last week there were quite a few obstacles that I wasn’t expecting.  Health, weather,  life challenges…!

How about you?  Have you felt your momentum getting hung up in the ‘stuff’ that interferes?  

Well, today marks a PIVOT POINT! We must choose! Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Final PUSH

Just. One. More. P.U.S.H!

I’m not sure I remember the last time I’ve said this to myself. But I remember vividly hearing it in childbirth! “Come on Kathy, just one more push and that beautiful little girl will be here!!!

Sorry if that’s gross to you! But it describes perfectly how I’ve felt the past couple of weeks.

I ‘voluntarily’ signed up for the ROPP TRIPLETT Business Plan Competition put on by the Bluffton Center for Entrepreneurs.

I knew that entering this competition would hold me accountable to intentionally looking at what needs to happen in my business.

I knew that I needed a deadline for getting it done so I could get on with the work of Green Hope Coaching.

I knew I needed a challenge that inspired me to be the best I could be.

Well, final presentations were this week. For the last two weeks, I just kept saying,  ” Just ONE MORE PUSH Kathy! Give it all you’ve got just a little bit longer. You are almost there!”

So I did!

One more session of working through my customer analysis.
One more  late night considering my marketing plan.
One more dig into the key trends of the coaching industry.
One more afternoon printing, and hole punching and organizing pages for the presentation.
One more practice run in giving my presentation.


ghc biz plan cover

And it’s done!  This baby has been born.  The dream of Green Hope Coaching now has more strategic planning and structure to it than I ever imagined.  It is beautiful! Win or lose in the competition- my business and I have won!

Was it hard!  Oh yes!
Would I do it again!  I am pretty sure I will- different place- different topic- but I will challenge my self to the hard stuff again.

Why?  Because I KNOW what I want to be about now more than ever.  Not just my business, but ME- Kathy Burrus.

I want to influence people- to intentionally design HOPE in life, love and loss!

How about it?  Ready to look at your life- and aim for your dream?
All it takes is ONE. MORE. PUSH! to get started!

(P.S. We won’t know the results of the competition for a few days yet.  But…I’m not waiting around. I’ve got work to do!)