30 Day Challenge Final PUSH

30 Day UpdateIf you started the 30 DAY CHALLENGE with me on October 27th, that means you have one week left to complete your goal.

How are you doing?  Have you stayed on track with your plan?

My month went great the first 2 weeks.  The fact that I set my goal and created a plan went a long way toward moving forward.

But this last week there were quite a few obstacles that I wasn’t expecting.  Health, weather,  life challenges…!

How about you?  Have you felt your momentum getting hung up in the ‘stuff’ that interferes?  

Well, today marks a PIVOT POINT! We must choose!

We can just quit and make excuses that we only have a week left and the holiday is coming and….!….!….!   I’m sure there can be quite a few reasons we can give for just waiting till after Thanksgiving, or better yet, after Christmas.  Why start then?  Let’s start January 2! Afterall, the 1st is still a holiday.

We could take that approach.  But if we do, then the things we want to accomplish yet won’t be done.  And we will feel behind when we want to have a fresh start in the New Year!

We have ONE WEEK to finish what we started!
OK, it’s a holiday.  Ok, there will be things we have to work around.
But just think what it will feel like to start December fresh.  Even if we haven’t completed the entire goal- we will have a few more things to be thankful for marked off of our to-done list.

So we are going to P.U.S.H to the 27th! (Thanksgiving Day)

P: PERSPECTIVE:  take a step back-take a quick look.
where are you on your project?
Are you clear on what must be done?
If necessary, make a new list.

U: UTILIZE the help of friends, family, assist with tasks that can be delegated.  Or connect with your coach (email me at kathy@greenhopecoaching.com) to work through some of the challenging issues you need to think through.

S: START with the most challenging aspect.  Once you get that completed, you will be off and running.  You’ll be motivated to finish up the easier things quickly.

H: HEAD DOWN, EYES FOCUSED- Let’s get it done!don't give upFound at: http://on.fb.me/1x83C3F

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