Broken…to Whole!: the ANTONYM of Broken

In my last post on Broken…Made whole 2, we considered in what ways are we broken and the many synonyms for the word.

So what did you learn?  What are the areas of life that need attention? Some things are blaring- we know what’s broken and we think it can’t be fixed.  I know, because I already confessed that I felt that in several aspects of life.  But often, we don’t notice something is broken until we intentionally stop to look at our life.

Where are we limping by?

What are we always working around because we can’t seem to work through?

SCULPTURE & ARTBut…today’s post is on the OPPOSITE of BROKEN, otherwise known as the ANTONYM. In my word study , here’s what I learned.

The Antonym of broken is WHOLE!  So look at the list of broken definitions from Part 2 and this is what we see.

1.  The antonym of a broken marriage is a WHOLE Marriage- one that is not ‘ended’ , not ‘failed” but growing and thriving.

2. Broken family – restored family, family that connects and supports

3. Broken promise- kept promise, honored promise

4. Broken Hope- Undefeated, unbeaten, unsubdued

5. Broken  Line or Sleep- uninterrupted, continuous, untroubled

6. Broken Language- Perfect , fluid, without mistakes

7. Broken surface- Smooth, Regular

Wow I love those words in bold!  Growing, thriving, restored, undefeated, untroubled, fluid….!  Those are great  hope filling, life giving words. Opposite of the words we studied in the last post.

Where are these words true in your life?  What aspects of your life are thriving and growing and untroubled?  Celebrate those things. Even if you can only fine one teeny weeny area of your life that you feel is doing well!  Jump up and down and thank the Lord!

But if we have places we can’t celebrate for some reason, the million dollar question becomes, how do we get from Broken…to Whole?

Something tells me that is going to be a post of it’s own.  Check back for Broken…to Whole 4!

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