I Am A Tribewriter!

Occasionally I will recommend to you a resource that I believe in.  Usually it is a book or an author that has really spoken into my life and work.

I invite you to check out this one.  If you have ever had interest in blogging or writing a book, this is something you want to look into.  If you want to skip the story and go to the bottom for the post for the details, click here.

Otherwise, read on!  And yes, I am an affiliate of Jeff Goins.  I believe in him and in the Tribewriter course and community.  I’m delighted to share him with you- as well as the Tribewriter Course.

Just over a year ago, as Jeff Goins was launching another class of Tribewriters, I found myself desperately wanting IN!

I had been watching from afar for a couple of years, all the while trying to write a manuscript for a book that I didn’t want to write.  It was started by my 15 year old daughter, Leisha.  We found it in her journal the day after she died in a car/pedestrian accident. She only wrote one chapter, but in that chapter she mostly told my story and ended it with “and then I was born.” I knew this was a book that needed to be finished by me.  But I couldn’t imagine how I would ever be able to do it.

Then came Jeff Goins. I signed up for the the TRIBEWRITER Course- and got a ticket to the 2015 Tribewriter Conference.  That has made all the difference.

If you follow Jeff for very long, one of the first things you hear him say is “YOU are a WRITER!” I had read his blog and heard his story of how he embraced those words himself. I listened to his Tribewriter course training about it.  I went to the conference and heard him say it again.  I began to speak the words to myself.  “I AM a WRITER!”  Slowly I began to believe it myself.
One year ago at the 2015 conference, I declared to the entire community that the book, Lovely Traces of Hope, would be done by August 16th, 2016 in celebration of my daughter’s 10 year anniversary.  With a great deal of push at the end (much like the birth of a child) I’m delighted to say we had the launch dedication of the book on August 13th.
I credit much of that to the influence of Tribewriters!
  • With each next step I needed to take, I listened in to the next video of the course.
  • When I was afraid of the next step, Jeff broke it down to one smaller step at a time and I found my way through the big things.
  • When it got hard to write such a personal part of my story, I checked in with Tribewriters on FB and found encouragment.
  • When I needed a mentor, Christine Niles, a Tribewriter I met at the conference, literally coached me to published.
  • When I questioned whether self publishing was ok to do- I heard Jeff say, ‘do what works best for you and your book, but do it!”

At the 2016 conference this year, I got to share my book with the Tribewriter community, got clear on the vision for my next step and made some amazing connections.

Am I glad I signed up for Tribewriters?  Absolutely! The course will gave me tools, resources, exercises to get me off center and on my way at my own pace as I needed it.

Should you sign up for Tribewriter Course? Only if you are willing to be inspired by the creativity and authenticity of Jeff and the Tribewriter community.  It’s hard to be part of this group and not be creative and authentic yourself.

Sure you can sign up for yet another course and let it sit in your computer taking up space.  Or you can commit to digging in- one baby step at a time, one blog post, one website, one e-book until you find yourself as I did this year, sitting with a group of authors holding their published work for a picture of Tribewriter authors.

Do what works best for you, but just do it!  It’s never too late as Jeff Goins share in his latest ebook.  Free to you. See below.

I am one grateful Tribewriter!

Kathy Burrus

Author of Lovely Traces of Hope

P.S. Check out @JeffGoins’ brand new ebook. If you think it’s too late to be a writer, you’re wrong! https://fz238.isrefer.com/go/2016ebook/KathyBurrus

P.S.S. Yes, I am an affiliate for Tribewriters. I believe in it.  I’m proof it works.   Check out my new book Lovely Traces of Hope.

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