Just When I Told You I Wanted to Be Exquisite!

Have you ever felt that way?  You worked so hard on a project or an event, only to have some aspect of your preparations- fail.  Or seem too.

That’s what happened to me.  And just when I told you that I was going to finish the year EXQUISITELY.

You see I DIY (do-it-yourself) most of my web and marketing design.  So I spent a lot of effort creating a promotional for the POWER HOUR Mastermind that was supposed to start this past Sunday.

I created images and website pages

I wrote blogs

I posted on Facebook

I sent emails

I texted and called

and yes, I was trying to do it exquisitely.

But no one signed up.  I was disappointed.

Then one gracious ‘want to be’ client sent me an email. “Kathy, I’ve tried to sign up several times, but the link on the website isn’t working.”


I tested what I thought might be the problem, found a little gliche, fixed it and thought I was good to go.

The client tried again.  “It’s not going anywhere.”

What?  I just tried it.

I retraced my steps- backwards this time to try to find what was wrong.

There was the problem- the very first image on my website anyone sees about the POWER HOUR Mastermind.

The one before the gliche I caught earlier

The really nice button I designed on that image that was suppose to take you to another page.

That very first button didn’t work right.

No one ever saw the next page.

All those created pages- and clean images- and thought through words

No one ever got to see them because of one very important logistical malfunction.

Who else tried to register and couldn’t?

Why can’t I get this right?

I thought how easy it would be to just quit.  But I couldn’t.

You see earlier this fall, I attended a Tribewriter conference for writers, creatives and entrepreneurs in the business of writing and creating.

Over and over at this conference I talked to people who were struggling to make it and those who have- or at least it seems like they have.  And the words I heard time and time again…

Don’t quit!
Jeff Goins, GoinsWriter.com– founder of Tribewriters, author of The Art of Work and Real Artists Don’t Starve

Focus on the Finish! Crystal Paine, founder of MoneySavingMom.com

Starting is fun, but the future belongs to the finishers.
John Accuff, author of FINISH, and START at accuff.me

I can’t quit. I made that decision already.  But I was not sure what to do next.

I called my ‘trying hard to be’ a client and offered her 5 private sessions for the cost of the mastermind (great deal).

She said, “Why don’t you just fix the link, and relaunch to start in a couple of weeks.  I can wait.”

I wanted to hug her through the phone.

Even though I had overlooked something important, she had not let it affect her desire to be part of this group.  In fact, she offered, “when you get it redone, let me know and I’ll share it with my world again.”

Ah! Not only was she not giving up on me, she was still believing in this opportunity.

I pondered for a moment.  I hadn’t quit and ok, this definitely isn’t the ‘exquisite’  I was working for. Because I kept stepping forward, I was able to experience the power of belief from someone else. Click To Tweet

All that to say…


Starting Sunday, November 12- December 10.
Get more details here!





I’m recruiting some help this time to be sure my pages & links are working. But just in case there is a gliche, just email kathy@greenhopecoaching.com.

I’m not quitting!  Neither should you!

Here are your questions to ponder to get you started:

  • What is that thing that has been causing you to feel like quitting?
  • What if you took another approach to the issue?
  • Maybe brought someone else in on the project?
  • What would happen if you could end this year with that ONE THING done? How much would that be worth to you?

I’m not giving up on you!  Neither should you!
My new client believed in me (Thanks Andi!)

I believe in you! Let's do this together. Click To Tweet

POWER HOUR Mastermind starts Sunday Nov 12.

Sign up today!


P.S. Let me know if something doesn’t work for you, ok? ;o)

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