So yesterday my book came!

my first bookSo yesterday I celebrated when I received the first copy of my first

book (not sure if it is first or only yet).  I was filled with raw emotions: happy, sad, celebration and grief all mixed together.  But I was in awe that this had actually come to be.

That same day two other books came out:

Present over Perfect by Shauna Niequist, ‪#‎presentoverperfect‬
and Uninvited  by Lysa Terkuerst, #‎uninvited‬

Both books are already best sellers on Amazon.

picture by Shauna Niequist
picture by Shauna Niequist












I chuckled to myself that all these books came out the same day. Especially since I truly admire both of these women, as authors and as leaders in my world.  But there was this ‘moment’ of comparison that led toward the ‘I’m not good enough” phrase that I have heard in my head again and again- through-out life, not just this process.

I slammed it down ever so quickly and thanked God immensely that I get to be part of sharing the message God has given me, just as Shauna and Lysa are doing.

In a Facebook post that Shauna wrote yesterday of these two books, she says,  These little babies are book twins–both released yesterday. Lysa Terkeurst is a friend I’ve traveled with, learned from, served with, laughed & cried with, & I’m CHEERING HER ON like crazy.#uninvited is a great book, pals! Love you, Lysa!

Well, I haven’t traveled with either woman, except to follow them and their work.  They are some of my heroes and they-and their books- have made a difference in my life in a variety of ways.  I have so appreciated listening to the back story of each of these books.   I’m cheering them BOTH on like crazy! 

I don’t mind having my book born the same day as theirs! It is quite an honor.

And you can get all of these books at  Now that is pretty cool.  And I have a hashtag too! #lovelytracesofhope.  Just add that hashtag whenever you are sharing on social media about my book.

Who are your heroes?
What are they doing that you sense you want to be doing as well?  

Let’s do this together!



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