The Beauty of Signing a Book!

OK! It’s official! I’m an author!  I held my first book signing thanks to the gracious and persistent Tanya Augsburger of the Bluffton Public Library, Bluffton, OH.


Months ago- before there was an actual book, Tanya engaged me to consider hosting an author event at the library.  I thought she was jumping the gun, but I appreciated her thinking ahead for me. It was a delight for me to work with Tanya to put together this book signing event. I am so grateful for her and the Library for hosting this opportunity.

I knew that book signings were often part of an author’s next steps.  I knew that it was valuable to connect with interested and potential new readers.

But I witnessed so much BEAUTY in this moment and in the people who attended.

There was my friend Pat who rearranged her schedule to come help me present and sell books.

There was Jenny, queen of all things to make an event special, who showed up with ‘snacks’; mini decorated cupcakes, and fruit and little bags of nuts served on small glass plates for each of the guests.

There was Marilyn who showed up an hour early so we could chat a bit and when I asked the group why they came to the book signing, her response was, “because we loved you, and your little girl and we were part of the story then…”


I saw, as I looked around the room, faces of people who were part of the story.  This is not just Leisha’s story, or my story.  This is our story that includes so many others who have loved and cared for a very long time.

As I signed books for each person who attended, I was reminded of the many ways these people have touched our story. These people were part of the beautiful lovely traces that showed up bringing hope –then and now.

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This book signing really wasn’t about the reader getting a copy of a book signed by its author.  It was about reminding this author, yet again, of the influence of many who have touched my life to bring me to this point of sharing this story with my world.  With each word I wrote in a book, my heart was filled with gratitude and joy.

I am one grateful author!




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