A Conversation about YOU: Woman!

What started with simple greetings and an order of coffee, became a conversation about YOU.  Not you personally, but you WOMAN, family member, friend, professional.

WOMAN who wants to make a difference in the world but feels enveloped by so many important things; spouse, kids, parents, job and friends.  These are surely the people we want to serve and influence for good. But sometimes there are so many ‘good’ things going on that we forget we ARE making a difference.

WOMAN who wonders if we truly know what we want to be true of our lives.  We find ourselves in a new place; an empty nest, a season of life, a change in job or relationships, and we puzzle over what we have accomplished in the past or whether we are on track to do all we want to have done at the end of our life.

Are we doing what is most important?  Or are we just reacting to the urgent that comes up in any given day.

What ARE the important things? Do we even know?

We talk of vision, but part of our problem is we are not clear on our vision. We find ourselves just hoping to get through the day- at work and at home.

We set goals that are lofty- but left undone.

We talk about bucket lists, but even making those seem trivial at times. It’s fun to think about, but will we really ever do these things.

We have good things getting in the way of great things.

We have urgent things taking over the important things.

We have the people we love getting overshadowed by things we must do.

Who are those people?  Where can we serve best?

The coffee time with my new friend is over, but the conversation still lingers in my thoughts.

She is like me- and I like her!

Two different lives, with different jobs and different stories.  Both of us longing to live a life that matters.  Both of us willing to hold each other accountable for our next steps.

We may not choose the same road.  We may not be understood for the path that we take. But we will both take the journey to influence our worlds as best we know how.

And that, as Robert Frost says in his poem Two Roads,

that has made all the difference!

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