Sacred Space

by Kathy BurrusSacredSpace

There is a sacred space

Between life and death

Hope and doubt

Faith and fear

A space that leaves you feeling as if each foot is in a different world

And the whirling of emotions leaves you either paralyzed in or running

To or from, in or out

It sometimes doesn’t matter

You find yourself wrestling in a moment of crisis

Will I

won’t I

Could I

Did I


Why not

This moment is the sacred space

Will I believe in the darkness what I knew to be true in the light

Will I embrace faith-

Even the teeny tiny mustard seed sized faith

and see God big enough

In this space

In this place

At this time

In this moment.

Sacred, holy space

Between the world around me and the world beyond that

Heaven touching earth

Not like I imagined

But sacred, holy space

I’ve seen it

Known it

Listened to it

Avoided it

Run from it

Chosen it

Been filled by it

Sacred, holy space

Today is a sacred holy day

I’ve stayed between the two worlds

Making excuses in the one

Fearful that I missed the mark


Doubting that I have what it takes


Distracted by the nonessential


Then just out of pure obedience

I did what I knew to do in the other

I got up

Got dressed

Put on my makeup and did my hair

Went to my office

To my favorite chair

And went to the ‘other world’

A world where being is more important than doing

And seeing and hearing more important

Than writing and coaching

Heaven touching earth

The holy touching the unholy

Sacred, holy space

Yes, this is where transformation occurs

This is where peace and joy and love are found

This is where my faith takes roots

and hope gives wings

I step over in this sacred holy space

I choose to be

I choose to know the Living One

I choose to remember all of His deeds

Not just in my life

But in all of life

Sacred, holy space

Everything changes

Not my circumstances

Or my relationships

Or my past

Or my pain

But me

Everything about the way I see

The circumstances & relationships

Past and pain

My perspective changes

I change!

I see Him!

And see that He sees me!

That has made all the difference!


What does your sacred space look like today?

Leave me a note in the comments below. 

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