FIVE Things I Know Now

Yesterday we celebrated the 5th anniversary of GHC.  I admitted that I’m not where I wanted to be in business and in life.  But during this journey I have learned a great deal.  Some things are brand new to me, others are things I am learning again for the first time.

FIVE things I know with more certainty:

  1. I AM A COACH, not a counselor, though I don’t mind helping people dig around in the ‘bowels’ of their past to find out what is keeping them from moving forward in a healthy way.
  2. I  AM A COACH, not a consultant, though I have lots of thoughtful advice flowing around in my head.  In the end it doesn’t matter what I think about your life or your relationship.  It matters what you think!  It matters what you choose to do with it.
  3. I AM A COACH! I long to help people move forward.  Sometimes it is itsy-bitsy baby steps of thought, sometimes in giant leaps of action.  But I see the individual, I see forward, and I see progress, even though it is small.
  4. I NEED a Coach! I can get lost in the details of growing a business and loving on people and I can forget what I need, what I want for myself like finishing THE BOOK that my daughter Leisha started before she died. Everything in me wants to finish, but I can’t do it alone.
  5. I need a TEAM!  I’ve never worked very well alone.  There are some things I do very well and my family and the GHC community benefit most when I focus on those things.  There are other things I can figure out but it takes so much time and even then I don’t do them well.  I need the support of others who are extraordinary just by doing the things they think are ordinary. Together we make the greater difference.
  6. Every day someone in my world needs to know they are loved. If I am in their space, I can be one to say that to them. Not to save them, or rescue them, or fix them- but to love them! If I am not in their space, I can pray that someone else will see them and love them.

What have you learned this year?  How it is impacting your decisions for your future?

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