FIVE Goals for 2016

5 years
Five years ago, I sat down with pencil and paper and began to map out a strategy for beginning a new business and opening a coaching practice.

Five years ago, I thought I knew what wanted for my business.  I thought I knew what I would be good at and what I needed to do to make that happen.  I had a lot to learn!

But this year, I have more clarity about what is important to me, and what steps I need to take to get there. This is not my entire goal list, but here is a glimpse into some of the goals I have set for the new year.

FIVE goals I have for 2016:

  1. My primary goal is both professional and personal.  It is my desire to finish the manuscript for LOVELY TRACES OF HOPE started by my daughter Leisha before she died.My original deadline was December 2015, but I found I needed more time to process 5 of the chapters more transparently.  The delay will most likely mean I will not have it published by April 28th, (Leisha’s 25th birthday) but that is ok.  I, and my reader, both benefit from the time it has taken to process my story.I will complete the manuscript this month,  inviting beta readers to continue to help me improve the material after that.  New publish date is August 16, 2016 (Leisha’s 10th anniversary of her home going.) I appreciate your prayers.
  2. Host a GET THERE Mastermind group of like-minded women for the purpose of challenging, encouraging, teaching, supporting each other to accomplish our next steps.  Details will coming soon.
  3. Support the launch of  Surprised by the Healer by Linda Dillow and Juli Slattery of Authentic Intimacy. I plan to take a group of women to the April 9th Conference of the same name in the Akron area. Want to know more, check it out here.Why am I promoting the work of another ministry as one of my business goals?  Because I have seen powerful ways the women in the GHC community, the couples that I work with each month benefit from the work that Linda, Juli and their team are doing regarding intimacy and healing. I don’t do what they do, but my people need what they offer.
  4. Complete my Professional Coach Certification with International Coach Federation. I celebrate that I have completed my course work and over 750 coaching hours in order to apply. I hope to submit application and final testing yet by March.
  5. Continue my training to continue developing my skills as a writer and a communicator.
    1. Possibly attend the SPEAK UP Conference in July.
    2. Already registered for September TRIBEWRITER Conference in Nashville.

Why am I telling you my goals? Mostly because I know some of you have been supporting me through prayer and encouragement.  I covet your continued involvement.

But I also benefit from the accountability you give me to completing the goals. I’ve written down my goals.  I’ve told you!  I will be much more likely to finish what I’ve started.

Maybe you need some accountability too!  Share you next goal in the comments below.  It’s been proved that we are 47% more likely to complete a goal just by writing it down.

Let’s do this year together!

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