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Tribewriters at its Best: Weird, Brave and Creative

I’ve recently returned from TRIBEWRITERS 2017, otherwise known as #tribeconf.

The Tribe Conference is a marketing conference for people who don't think of themselves as marketers. It's a gathering for writers, artists, and creative entrepreneurs to grow their craft, share their work, and get the attention their work deserves.

I would describe TRIBEWRITERS as a community of weird, brave and oh so creative men and women who have ‘stuff’.  It is the kind of ‘stuff’ that is made up of real, often messy, mostly ordinary people and events in our lives that make up our story. 

And yet, in the telling of the ordinary, Continue reading Tribewriters at its Best: Weird, Brave and Creative

The Rewards When You Show Up at the SO NOW Awards

One of the highlights of the SO NOW PROFESSIONAL NETWORK OF WOMEN year is the evening in October when we celebrate the women of SO NOW.

From the generous heart of our founder, Jennifer Wenzke and the women of SO NOW,   Continue reading The Rewards When You Show Up at the SO NOW Awards

Top 10 Reasons to Join SO NOW, LIMA!

TO MY SISTER Business Owners, Speakers, Authors and Entreprenuers in the Lima area! That includes Columbus Grove, Pandora,  Ottawa, Leipsic, Ft Jennings, Bluffton, and more!

This is your invitation to join the SO NOW, Lima Chapter of SO NOW PROFESSIONAL NETWORK FOR WOMEN. so now header

We meet at 6:15pm on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Sycamore Lake Wine Co. on Mayberry Road, outside of Columbus Grove. Cost is $20 for the evening, includes meal and networking.  Your choice of drink is extra.  (WANT A CHANCE TO WIN a FREE DINNER REGISTRATION for November 10th? Click here!)

WHY SHOULD YOU COME? Glad you asked!  Here are 10 great reasons!

#10  You get to know more about amazing businesses in the area and the incredible women who run them!

#9  You  are invited to showcase your business with a table of products or services you provide to your customers.

#8  Together we enjoy great conversation over a delicious meal catered in especially for us!

#7  We hear about opportunities with non-profit organizations in our community is woven into what we do as SO NOW Women!

#6  Each month one HAPPY BOOKER shares from a great read related to our life and business.

#5 Each month, the POST IT board introduces you to ways you can be generous as you help someone else grow their business, even as other women are looking for ways to be generous to you and your business too!

#4  We are privileged to hear from speakers who inspire us to greater things as they share from their journey.

#3 You get to share your special events and snazzy business cards.

#2 Founded by a woman for women, So Now offers an opportunity for you to give, to receive and to grow in a powerful way.

#1 We have the opportunity to partner with Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder of SO NOW, Jennifer Wenzke, in her vision to reach 20,000 women with a message helping women to unite and raise each other up into their unique greatness.

vanessaAdd to all that some Terrific Girlfriend time and you have a recipe for a night you won’t want to miss.   Bring some of your friends who share a passion for personal and professional growth and contribution.  They will be glad you did!

For more information, email kathy@greenhopecoaching.com.



Special SO NOW Give Away!

so now header

SIGN UP NOW for a chance to win your dinner registration to SO NOW, LIMA!

Hey girl friends!

In celebration of beginning the new theme of SO NOW: The Year of the DANCE, we are hosting a drawing for a free dinner ticket ($20 value) to our next networking  event.

Tuesday Evening, November 10th at 6:15pm
at Sycamore Lake Wine Co,
on Mayberry Road, outside Columbus Grove.

To be entered in the drawing, you must be a first time attender to SO NOW, LIMA and be able to join us on November 10th.

To enter, email kathy@greenhopecoaching.com with I WANT TO COME TO SO NOW in the subject line.  Include your name and email address, as well as one reason you would like to network with a community of powerful women growing their businesses.

Send your email by midnight, Monday, November 1st.  The winner will be drawn on Tuesday, November 2nd.

If you prefer not to enter the drawing,  we would still love to have you join us.   You can register by  Monday, November 9th at http://sonownetwork.com/registration.html.

So Now has the atmosphere you’ve been searching for in your personal and professional journey. It is an inspired community of women who appreciate the reward that comes from working together.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact Kathy@greenhopecoaching.com for questions, or go to sonownetwork.com to learn more about SO NOW!

SO NOW Awards Kathy Burrus, Green Hope Coaching

so now header

On October 14th, twenty-eight SO NOW Professional Women were recognized for their application to the SO NOW Award program.  Women from the 4 chapters in the Toledo area, Perrysburg, Bowling Green, Findlay and Lima were to brought together for a delicious buffet and great conversation. Facebook-20151015-so now awards

As part of the award ceremony, 2 college scholarships were presented to young women who exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit and strive to embrace their professional journey.

In addition 2015 Business Awards
• So Now Women in Business Award (up to) $2500
• So Now Women in Business Runner Up Award (up to) $1500

I was thrilled to be awarded the SO NOW Women in Business Award of $2500. Facebook-20151015-so now award winner

I applied because it is a tremendous opportunity.  I have truly appreciated So Now Network because “So Now offers an opportunity for you to give, to receive and to grow in a powerful way.”  I also desire to give generously, receive graciously and grow abundantly.

Jenn Wenzke and SO NOW have been a breath of life to me – and to my business.  I had been looking for a networking opportunity to help grow my business that fit me.  I am so grateful SO NOW has inspired me to connect as a woman and as a business owner.

From the first SO NOW meeting I attended, I felt life infused into the event.  I immediately found my place to serve on the welcome team and over the last few months have thoroughly enjoyed meeting new friends, not just business prospects.  I am building relationships that are encouraging, inspiring, and life-giving.

As a business, I have been challenged in my presentation of what I do as I search for ways that I can help others do what they do.  It has been a win-win so often.

I will use the award money to complete a book project due to be out by April of 2016.  This will help greatly as I work to self-publish a story that was started for me by my then 15 year old daughter shortly before she died called Lovely Traces of Hope. It is my desire to share how hope showed up in the messy places of our life and invite the reader to intentionally design traces of hope in their own story.

I also would not tell the whole truth if I didn’t identify that while I have not known Coach, Author, Speaker, and SO NOW Founder Jennifer Wenzke very long, but Jenn’s story has spoken to me of courage, strength, influence and hope.  I see it on her face and in her words when she is able to join us for meetings at SO NOW LIMA.  I view it on her Facebook page, podcasts and website.  I read about it from others in news articles and testimonials.

Jennifer has not quit because life has gotten hard.  Every time I have spoken with her personally, she has reminded me of my value, my worth as a coach, and business owner,  but also as a woman.

What Jenn has started continues to influence all of us with life- giving, energizing hope! I want to be part of that business for the rest of my life- whether through SO NOW, Green Hope Coaching or just being Kathy.

Thank you Jenn for daring to dream!  For bringing others with you!  And reminding us all of the transformation that is possible when we embrace the process.

Special thanks to Debby Peters, Nina Corder and their team for creating a delightful evening!