That’s Influence!

This past week, my daughter lost a mentor.  Denny Griffith had been the president of CCAD, Columbus College of Art & Design while she was a student there.  She describes him often as such an instrumental person, a spectacular man, an artist, and a person of influence.

I always marveled at the closeness she felt toward him.  And then I read one of her Facebook posts this week.  She wrote:

I will always cherish Denny, who asked to sit with me in the school cafeteria and cared enough to ask what I was doing with myself and then listened to the answer.  Such a treasured human being.

I thought- that’s it! That’s influence!

  • He saw her.
  • He got involved in her world.
  • He asked about her dreams and plans.
  • He listened to her answer.

That’s influence!  I’ve seen Brielle invest in others the same way.

I had to ask myself:
Kathy, Who is in your world that needs to be seen, that needs you to be part of their world?  Have you cared enough to ask about their life and then listened to the answer?

I want to influence.  Brie’s mentor just reminded me what that looks like.  This week as many are mourning his death, I celebrate his life and the influence he had in my daughter’s life.

I want to be remembered that way!  How about you?

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