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The DANCE: From one guy to another!

Hi GHC community,
This note is from Rennie, husband to the Green Hope Coach, Kathy Burrus.  And yes,  if you ask him, he will say being married to me is a challenge.   Here are his words regarding the special event for married couples called CELEBRATE THE DANCE.  So guys, this is from one husband to another. Rennie & Kathy dancing

From my experience, THE DANCE  event is something that is fun to do together and be close to one another.

You each have a part to play that is important or it doesn’t work. When each of you do your part, it works.  When one messes up, you both stop and get going again.  Just like in real like, you have to work hard to stay in step.  Not only do you watch what you are doing, but you have to pay attention to what your partner is doing too.

You need to come!  We need to always be working to improve.  We are never just maintaining.  Either we are moving ahead and growing or we are going backwards.  We aren’t going to just coast.

We must always be listening and growing and learning how to respond to one another better.  We can always learn something new.

See you at the DANCE!    JUNE 8TH at 3:00pm
Tanya’s School of Dance, Lima

Here’s your personal invitation!

TO REGISTER, click here or email

What Kind of Love are you Making?

How often do you ask yourself that question?  I’m guessing not often. So what would your answer be? Or are you afraid to say it outloud?  I am sometimes- no lie!  Sometimes conversations that women have about intimacy can become very disrespectful and negative.  Those words can not only discourage a woman, but hurt the very marriage she vowed one day to honor. But what if the conversation was different?  What if we took a look at God’s opinion about sex?  Did you know He has one?   Now is a great time to join in on the discussion. Whether you are married or single, I am guessing that the issues surrounding sexuallity in your mind are full of confusion.  You are not alone. Starting Wednesday, July 9thPP Lady at 9:00pm 10 Week Group for women  PASSION PURSUIT: What Kind of Love are you making? includes DVD training from the authors, workbook & group coaching We will be meeting at my home and it will be part study, part group coaching as we partner together to design the intimacy in our marriages that we all long for. For more information, click here.    If you have questions- and I’m sure you do, just email me at To sign up, click here! This is one conversation I’m looking forward to.  How about you?

Too many hats to juggle…!!!

So is that true of you?

juggling hatsYou have too many hats to wear- you feel like you are always wearing the wrong hat for that important occasion?

You have too many balls juggling in the air at the same time- you look away for a second and one drops, then another.  You feel like once again you let someone down.  You dropped the ball.

You wonder if you are really making a difference in the lives of the people that really matter to you- even though it feels like you are always sacrificing what you want to do for their needs.  It just feels like blowing dandelions into the wind and ‘hoping‘ for the best.


I’ve heard those statements a lot lately- and it’s almost summer time! That means that whatever our schedule was- it will most likely change in the summer.  Either the kids are home from school- or we are doing more stuff outside- or …it just feels like we should be taking it ‘easier’ somehow.

What if we took a few minutes to consider WHAT was most important to us?

What if we identified WHO we wanted to influence the most and what kind of memories we wanted to make with them?

What if we went through our closet of hats and donated a few to a worthy cause.  As we do we eliminate the busyness and attend to the business of being who we really want to be!

Join me for a GREEN HOPE INTENSIVE: Juggling the hats
Tuesday, May 20th from 9:30am to 12:30pm

This will be held at my home-
6442 Putnam Road R, Columbus Grove, OH 45830

Click the button to register!

Space is limited so register early.

Here’s to you!  And the hats you CHOOSE to wear!

Celebrate the Dance!

Several years ago, our family (Ren & I, along with our girls) joined two other families for a ballroom dance class. There were just enough boys for the amount of girls we had.  As we “attempted’ to dance, I was struck by the story each pair of dancers conveyed. We had the young partners who were just discovering the joys of being in the presence of the opposite sex.  To even hold the hand of their partner was fun.  Every fiber in their being was paying attention to what was happening- or what needed to happen to make this dance work. We had the parents- all of us married different lengths of time,    focusing on learning the moves, but also struggling with communicating on the dance floor.  It was enjoyable, but usually one partner was trying harder than the other.  One partner was getting the steps more easily than the other.  It made for jerky and awkward movement around the dance floor. I began to see in our own dance how Ren and I were dealing with issues on the dance floor that were similar to our marriage relationship. Ren was working so hard to do it right- I just wanted to have fun! The difference in philosophy definitely affects the grace- or ungrace- with which you ‘float romantically around the room.” HA! I whispered in Rennie’s ear, “This would be great premarital counseling for couples.”   He just laughed and said, “left, quick, quick, right, quick, quick”. So much for that!!! But when Green Hope Coaching began, and I saw the need couples had for some easier ways to have the harder discussions, I realized that GHC could build a platform for couples on the dance floor.  Oh, I never intend for it to be a show place or a reality TV show.  But a space for couples to enjoy each other’s presence while identifying what works for them- and what doesn’t – on and off the dance floor. Our signature event, CELEBRATE THE DANCE was introduced. DANCE TITLE Several times a year, Rennie & I partner with Tanya & Doug Shafner of Tanya’s School of Dance in Lima and invite area couples to join us for one hour of ballroom dance lessons with one hour of group/ couple conversation about what we learned about our marriage dance. Here are some of the comments we have heard: “How did you know what questions to ask?  I didn’t think my husband was capable of saying something like that to me- or about me?  Thank you!  It was so special to me to hear him say those words. ” “I never knew how much I was fighting against my spouse. Neither of us see any progress that way.  If we worked together, we both got where we wanted to be and enjoyed the process.”Who would have thought having the hard conversation could be so much fun!  I was dreading this- but it was really enjoyable.” One husband said, “I only came because I knew my wife would love this.  But I’ll have to admit, the benefit of honoring her in this was worth it all the way around.” So… Here’s your invitation to the Dance! CELEBRATE YOUR DANCE! June 8th, 2014 at 3:00pm at Tanya’s School of Dance, Lima, Ohio To register, click the link. Make a date with your sweetheart and join Ren and I for a enjoyable afternoon with other couples who want to grown their marriages also. Guys, Doug Schafner of Tanya’s School of Dance said to tell you, “If you can learn a football play, you can learn to dance. Besides, if your lady loves it- you will too!” How about it?  Celebrate the Dance is all about helping each of us Become One- on and off the dance floor!

The NAKED Truth! the conference

I know- in days gone by we couldn’t even say the word ‘naked’ in public, let alone write about it or talk about NAKED TRUTH!

But that what we are doing- opening the discussion about intimacy- spiritually, emotionally, and sexually.  And what is more we are looking at reclaiming God’s design for intimacy.  The conversation is open, honest and unafraid.

Plan now to attend the conference called THE NAKED TRUTH: about You!  about Sex! About God!  Authors and Speakers, Linda Dillow and Dr Juli Slattery, from Authentic Intimacy, will be our special guides on

Friday evening, October 3
and Saturday morning, October 4
at Shawnee Alliance Church, Lima, OH.

Women of all ages and all seasons of life, married or single, are invited to come, to learn, to heal!

Mark your calendars now!  Registration details will listed soon.

Want to know more about Linda & Juli- and their message- go to webbanner

I want to know you!

Dear Reader of this blog,

I have been writing to you for a while now, picturing in my mind what you look like and how your day might be going.  Writing to you as a fellow struggler as a wife, mom, woman of God, woman longing to make a difference in the world we live in.

While I know that we have a lot in common- I know that as a blogger, my conversation is very one sided.  I share with you what is going on in my life, ask you some questions about what is going on in yours and we’re often done talking!

But I know that you have much to say.  I also know that my blogs and my coaching would benefit greatly from hearing you.

So… I have a request.

Would you be willing to fill out a simple survey- to let me know more about the topics and discussions you would most like to have with someone you trust.  Your answers would be strictly confidential, but would help me significantly as I work to provide a service that would most help you- and other women like you.

Thank you so much!  Your contribution is making a difference in the life of another woman who is too insecure to have that conversation.

In appreciation for your authentic and honest responses, I would like to send you a Resource of Questions you can use to build deeper relationships with those you care about.  Sometimes a prompt helps get the conversation going in a direction that encourages authentic sharing.  These have been a help to me.  

Join the revival!

Kathy Burrus, Green Hope Coaching has a passion for marriage. My own marriage journey has taught me that it is one of the most important, often most taken for granted relationships we have. With the wildfire of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon, I specifically recognize the importance of speaking truth into the hearts of women (& men) in the area of sexuality. I am more aware than ever of the willingness of most people to grab for the short term relief of a deep rooted longing. We are willing to exchange the hard work of real intimacy for an immediate-easy button- gratification.

But the easy button doesn’t last. The short term answer leaves us hungry again for a pleasure, or a thrill. And sends us down a path that leads to more aloneness, less being known.

Doing the work of real intimacy doesn’t promise as ‘happy life’ forever. But it does give greater hope that in the realness of life- the messy conglomeration of life & relationships, of hurts and joy- we can be known for who we really are and loved- more personally, more intimately than we ever thought possible.

Because of our desire to empower that kind of relationship in marriage, GHC is speaking directly to this issue in partnership with Authentic Intimacy, a non-profit ministry of Linda Dillow & Dr Juli Slattery.

We are working together in 3 ways:

1) I have been part of the Launch team for the new book, Pulling Back the Shades, written by Dr Slattery & Dannah Gresh, of Secret Keeper girls. “Christian women don’t have to choose between being sexual and spiritual. They have legitimate longings that the Church has been afraid to talk about, but books like Fifty Shades of Grey exploit. It’s time for women to identify their intimate longings and God-honoring ways to fulfill them.”

Here is a LINK to the first chapter. Take a look and let me know what you think.

To order your copy go to Amazon or CLICK HERE

2) Another thing we are doing it hosting Group Coaching Series based on Passion Pursuit: What Kind of Love are you Making, written by Linda Dillow and Dr Slattery. This is life changing material as the ladies who are currently in the program can tell you. Be watching for the next opportunity to get involved this summer.

Or go to Authentic Intimacy’s site and order yours now.

3) Probably the most exciting way we are partnering with AI is that Dr Juli Slattery & Linda Dillow will be coming to NW OHIO in October. We are sponsoring in part the Authentic Intimacy Conference, October 3 & 4, 2014 at Shawnee Alliance Church.

They will be addressing topics of Emotional, Spiritual and Physical Intimacy. While much of this conference is speaking to the marriage relationship, women in many places in life, single or married, young or old, will be strongly challenged and encouraged as we consider what God has to say on the topic.

It is very evident that there are two powers at work for the hearts of men and women- especially in the area of sexuality and intimacy. God is greater and we are partnering with him in the battle.

Join the revival! Let it start in you!