Boy, Do I Have a Story to Share!

I have been told more than once how amazing it is that I could write my book about my experiences- or create videos that share something I learned on a given day.  “I just don’t have those kind of things happen to me. But it’s nice that you do!

Hmmm? Could it be that I have more things happen to me than you do? I doubt it.  Would God show up in my story more than He would in yours?  I don’t think so.

I don’t have a secret password to get to God.  I have bad things happen just as much as I have good.  Some of you wouldn’t want my story- and I wouldn’t want yours.

But my story has taught me a great deal.  And that may be the difference for some of us.  Stuff happens in all of our lives, but some of us are being intentional about learning to ‘notice’ what is happening.  Some of us are listening when something stirs the core of our hearts. Others don’t think it matters.

I can tell a good story because I’ve listened to my story. I’ve journaled about it, I’ve shared it and even sent videos sharing what I’m learning.  It’s helps me remember the story and what I learned from it.

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You can do this too. Even if your ‘personality or design’ isn’t prone to being sensitive to these things. Or if you can’t imagine sharing it with the world like I do, there are incredible things that you can learn about yourself and your story that matter a great deal to you.

You won’t have to just listen to the amazing stories of others.  You  will be able to tell you own stories of discouragement turned to joy, or struggle giving way to victory.

For the next few days I have a story I want to tell you about a woman who showed up and changed my life.  She made a huge difference in many lives- and then died this past June.

It has taken me all summer to begin to see the snapshots of our relationship and understand how her life touched mine.  It’s a story I’ve taken time to listen to.

And boy have I learned a lot from it.

I hope you will take some time to listen in as I share it.  But more importantly, I hope you will begin to listen to the stories in your own life and the goldmine of lessons that are there to teach you; about yourself, about your value, your voice, your message.

You were made to make a difference my friend!  So was I!  It may not feel extraordinary, chances are it will feel quite ordinary.  Because when we behave as we were made to behave, our ordinary is extraordinary in the lives of others in our world.  That is how we are wired.

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Check back in often.  I have a story to share!

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