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Pondering the Old Year!

The Christmas season is over!  The year is drawing to a close.  Often Happy New Yearour minds are full of ponderings.  If they’re not, they should be. What a perfect time to take a look at the past year and all we experienced.

NOTICING the past plays a huge role in making the new year more successful!

As I began this journey, I NOTICED Continue reading Pondering the Old Year!

30 Day Challenge Update

30 Day UpdateFor those of you who joined us on the 30 day challenge last week, how are you doing?   We would love to hear your comments, insights, celebrations and struggles in the comment box below.

Accountability is a great way to hold you to your commitment.  If not here, who is your accountability partner?

One of the discussions on the Challenge call on Tuesday evening was to  consider your life as a highway- 8 lane highway.   Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Update