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30 Day- How’d you do?

Well, my friends, I don’t think it is too fair of me to ask you that question and not be transparent with you about how I did.

So…here’s how my last 30 days went.

  • writing what I noticeMy original goal was to write 500 words every day.  I did accomplish 500 words for the first 20 days.  Then we left for Texas to see family and I scribbled things when I had a few minutes, but we were there to enjoy family.I actually thought that I would blog about each days noticing- but honestly, some of the things I noticed were more personal than I was ready to blog yet.  I know several of you have said that I often write quite personally.  That is true.  But I generally don’t share it with you till I’ve done some processing myself.  So…these things might show up in future posts.   I’m continuing my 500 Words a day goal in December.
  • If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I started writing about BROKENNESS. That is actually some of what I have been NOTICING in these 30 days. The Series is not complete- but in process.   My goal for December  is to complete this series.
  • My third goal was just a habit that was beginning to change 30 days ago. In many ways I felt like I have been becoming WHOLE!  Read through the past blogs to hear some of the story.   But a recent visit to have blood work done tells me my ‘autoimmune issues’ are affecting me again and my glucose is in the danger zone.  That was most disheartening because I had been working to control my diet, especially the sugars.For a few days, I felt like I was BROKEN again.  Then I realized this for the gift that it was.  I had asked God to heal me.  He was revealing to me what needed to be done.   So…the goal for the next 30 holi-days for my health has been made very clear.

So…How about you?  How’d you do in your 30 day challenge? 

30 Days wordsDid you accomplish you 30 day goals?
If so, pat yourself on the back!!!!  Congratulations!

If not, what were the obstacles that kept you from it?

What is your next step?

Listen gang!  We have just over 30 days left in 2015.  I know the temptation is to call it ‘HOLIDAYS” and chuck the lists for a while.

But what if INSTEAD we take a few minutes to identify what needs to be done yet in 2014?  What can we do that will not only give us a jump start on 2015, but will set up up for possibilities we only dreamed of in 2014?

I hope you will join us for the FINISH WELL CHALLENGE beginning Finish Welltoday.  By December 31st, what you want to have accomplished. Get more details here. 

If nothing else, let’s take a look back at 2014 and answer some of these questions.

  1. What are your celebrations for 2014?  Where did you ‘nail it’  or persevere till you completed the task?  What relationship was improved?  We spend little time acknowledging where we did it right!  I can hear you say, “well, it really was not that big of a deal”!  I encourage you to recognize if you set the goal for yourself and completed it, IT IS A BIG DEAL!
  2. What were your disappointments for 2014?   Where did you not succeed?  Where did a relationship fail?  Where did you give up but wish now you had kept going? I sometimes hear people say “you can’t cry over spilled milk?”  It’s true!  You can’t change the past.  But if we don’t take the time to say it for what it really is, and identify behaviors that may have caused it, we will not learn from our past.  We are destined to repeat them again and again.
  3. One of my favorites from Michael Hyatt is “What was missing?” That was a question I was missing.  Never thought to ask myself that. What is something that you want to be true of you that you did nothing in 2014 to make happen?  For instance, you want to have a relationship with your grandparents, but you didn’t make extra effort to see them on a regular basis.  Or you want to write a book, but you didn’t set schedule time to write. What’s missing?
  4. What lessons did you learn in 2014?  These could be in any area of life: spiritual, relational, professional, physical, etc.   Write down the reoccurring themes you noticed this year?  Write down in one word or brief sentence the messages you learned .  This step is so valuable as you look ahead to the new year.

I’ve set my goals for the next 30 days!  I hope you will join me in the journey.  If you need someone to help you determine what you really want to accomplish and hold you accountable to your dreams, that’s what I do!  I’m a coach! Email me at kathy@greenhopecoaching.

Here’s to finishing well!

30 Day Challenge Final PUSH

30 Day UpdateIf you started the 30 DAY CHALLENGE with me on October 27th, that means you have one week left to complete your goal.

How are you doing?  Have you stayed on track with your plan?

My month went great the first 2 weeks.  The fact that I set my goal and created a plan went a long way toward moving forward.

But this last week there were quite a few obstacles that I wasn’t expecting.  Health, weather,  life challenges…!

How about you?  Have you felt your momentum getting hung up in the ‘stuff’ that interferes?  

Well, today marks a PIVOT POINT! We must choose! Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Final PUSH

30 Day Challenge Update

30 Day UpdateFor those of you who joined us on the 30 day challenge last week, how are you doing?   We would love to hear your comments, insights, celebrations and struggles in the comment box below.

Accountability is a great way to hold you to your commitment.  If not here, who is your accountability partner?

One of the discussions on the Challenge call on Tuesday evening was to  consider your life as a highway- 8 lane highway.   Continue reading 30 Day Challenge Update

I’ve noticed….

Day4I’ve NOTICED today that accomplishing my 30 day challenge of writing is ‘challenging!’

I set a goal for myself to write 500 words a day about what I’ve NOTICED in my day! No,  I couldn’t just write 500 words a day about …whatever!  I had to choose for my challenge to write what I’ve NOTICED!

Today, I’ve NOTICED:

  • That noticing is hard work!  It takes a greater degree of intentionality than I haven’t done lately.
  • That writing what you’ve noticed is also hard work, because it demands you process what you experience.
  • That encouraging others to come with you in the challenge is inspiring.  In this case, we don’t necessarily share a goal- we just share the journey to accomplish a goal.  So our rhythm, our methods, our directions are all different.  But one person’s journey speaks into mine and vice versa.

Want to join us for the
FREE 30 Day Conference Call on Tuesday – click here! 

I’ve also noticed

  • That when I work toward a goal, there are a zillion things that try to distract me.
  • That one day my mind is full of thoughts and the next day I struggle to see anything.
  • That writing a blog post is one thing- putting it out there for you to read is another.  But something happens in being vulnerable with your story– in you and in the person who needed to hear it!

But the amazing thing is that since I have subscribed to some sites designed for writing, this whole other world has opened up to me and with it a myriad of writers: authors, bloggers, journalists, and more.

Some of the writers are just getting starting, which helps me realize that I have been writing for a while.  I just haven’t been consistent at it.

Other writers are clear on their voice, and their message and their genre.  I’m beginning to get clarity!  But I’m very aware I have much to learn.

I’m learning to be serious at writing, I must write!  Daily! 

And I need to plan to write!  If I don’t have a plan, how do I know if I accomplishing what I set out to do?  One blogger said, “Action without direction is just busy!

I so get that! It’s true of all of life!  I guess that is why I challenge you to join us for the 30 Day Challenge Call!

What is the challenge you have taken for the next 30 days?
Have you made a plan?
How will you know if you have reached your goal?
What is the behavior that needs to change?
What is the attitude that is blocking your success?

Let’s talk about it together and encourage each other in the doing. Let’s do this!!!

Sign up today for TUESDAY’s  30 Day Challenge CALL- November 4th at 8pm Eastern time.

Progress- Not Perfection

I love them! Those AHA moments!  Today I woke to an AHA!

Last fall, as I was regrouping after the weddings of our two beautiful girls, and as I was helping to prepare for the wedding of my dear friend,  I did some goal setting for 2014.  (I’m not good at new years resolutions so this works better.)

I usually start by writing down a long list of things I might like to do- then I sort those into NOW list and a BUCKET list.
Then I prioritize the NOW list and then choose the 3 priorities that I believe will have the greatest influence.

For 2014, my top 3 were:

  • My marriage- thriving in being two again
  • My business- completing the Business Plan Competition in March and bringing Linda Dillow & Dr Juli Slattery, of Authentic Intimacy to Northwest Ohio and the surrounding areas.
  • My health- finding strength and wellness to increase stamina and enjoyment in life.

This morning, Coach, Author, Speaker and my virtual friend (we’ve never met face to face) Carrie Wilkerson, challenged me to consider whether I was making progress toward my goals- or waiting for perfection.

Often I have- and do – wait until I have all the pieces in the right place, know exactly how I will present it or what needs to happen for it to make the biggest impact.  In other words, my project sits on my to do list until I get tired of seeing it and either do something or just eliminate it.

progressBut as I listened to Carrie this morning AHA!  I AM MAKING PROGRESS!

Ren and I aren’t where we want to be – but we are having a great time getting there!  It’s thrilling to begin dreaming dreams together again and finding new ways to love each other.  I wouldn’t trade this time for anything.

I’ve completed the Business Plan- got 2nd in the competition.  What’s more- it’s a business plan I refer back to often.  It’s working for Kathy Burrus, Green Hope Coaching.

I’m especially excited that Linda & Juli and their team will be in Lima on October 3 & 4!   The Lima team is growing,- connecting
women to the message God is giving through Authentic Intimacy!  Twenty years ago I put this on my DREAM list- to bring Linda Dillow to my world.  Now is the time!  Now there is progress!

As for my health, thanks to the research and persistent efforts of a faithful friend and chiropractor, Dr John Needler, I’m finding renewed strength.  I’m up much more than I am down- and I’m doing things I haven’t done in a long time.  Will I ever be ‘healed’ completely?  That remains to be seen.  But I feel LIFE in a way I only DREAMED about for the last 12 years.

PROGRESS- forward or onward movement toward a destination!

It’s not perfect!  Sometimes it’s even messy!  But I’m on my way!

How about you?

Did you set New Year’s Resolutions?  Have they gone by the way as so many do? Do you realize that if you start NOW- you may be able to make some significant PROGRESS or even complete them by New Years 2014!

What are you waiting for?  Let’s make PROGRESS together!