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FIVE People I Am Grateful For!

5 yearsI would never be celebrating FIVE years in business with out the help of some significant people in my life.  This has been a bigger adventure than I ever dreamed.  I didn’t know what an entrepreneur was, let alone how to spell it.  I for sure didn’t know what it would take to make this work.

I’ve never been a ‘lone ranger’.  I need people to brainstorm with, challenge my thinking, encourage my emotional outbursts, and keep me going when I feel like stopping.

FIVE people I am grateful for:

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FIVE Goals for 2016

5 years
Five years ago, I sat down with pencil and paper and began to map out a strategy for beginning a new business and opening a coaching practice.

Five years ago, I thought I knew what wanted for my business.  I thought I knew what I would be good at and what I needed to do to make that happen.  I had a lot to learn!

But this year, I have more clarity about what is important to me, and what steps I need to take to get there. This is not my entire goal list, but here is a glimpse into some of the goals I have set for the new year.

FIVE goals I have for 2016:

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FIVE Things I Know Now

Yesterday we celebrated the 5th anniversary of GHC.  I admitted that I’m not where I wanted to be in business and in life.  But during this journey I have learned a great deal.  Some things are brand new to me, others are things I am learning again for the first time.

FIVE things I know with more certainty:

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Do You Know What Today Is?

Today is our anniversary!  It is the 5th anniversary of the day I declared publicly to the world that I was opening a private coaching practice called GREEN HOPE COACHING.Green HOPE Coaching

On 1-11-11, I stepped out into a world I had never even imagined until just weeks before, to do something that I hoped would make a difference in my world, because it is so important to me to be doing something that will truly make a difference in someone else’s life.  I just never fathomed the possibility it might have for changing mine.

It is times like this that inspire me to take a step back and look at the progress I’ve made.

Five years ago I knew:

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Doin’ Somethin’ About Worry!

Yesterday I shared a Part 1 post called What? Me? Worry?  You can find it here.
This post is Part 2: the continuation of that post. 

My last post, WHAT? ME? WORRY?  focused on our need to acknowledge worry?  What are the concerns that are holding us back and why?  I identified some of my own issues with my current book project.  I also clarified which things I can do something about and which ones I need to let go of.

Coaching as I goBut It’s impossible to forget something, so I must ADDRESS the worry, by REPLACING IT.

I  have to replaced my worries.

In my case, I reconnected with my vision for the book.  Leisha started it. She handed it off to me.  I must finish it because she is not here.  Her story is the continuation of a legacy she left to me- and to those who will read it.

In my heart, I can’t NOT do it.  It is one way her life continues to influence others.

But, as a coach, I really appreciated that Mr Matthews provided some questions to replace worry; questions that point my worry to a new way of thinking, such as:

  • Who is the one person that might be influenced by this book?
  • What does success look like for this project? In a year? In a month? in 2 weeks?
  • What can I control?
  • Can I influence it?
  • Or do I need to let it go?

Taking those previous steps are all helpful, but have little results without Step 3:  Do something intentional.  I’m afraid that is where I get hung up all too often.  I’m great at pondering about something- but struggle to DO something about it.

So…I’m doing somethin’ about worry!

  1. I wrote to my LOVELY TRACES prayer team and asked for their support.
  2. I’m joined this Self-Publishing Summit and I’m learning from others who have been there.
  3. I’m blogging to you- to not only share what I’m doing, but what I’m learning in the process.
  4. I’m writing a little every day.  I may not be able to spend the day- but I can spend a few minutes developing a thought or researching a concept.

So…how about you? What are you worrying about?

  • Acknowledge your worry
  • Address and Replace the worry
  • Do something intentionally

As the call was ending, Chandler asked Mitch for one parting thought.  He said,

Take what is worrying you and acknowledge that could be the genesis of what you need to be coaching on. Very often the battles we face are the very lessons we teach on to reach the people were put on the planet to help.”

Well, I’ve had a battle!  I’m learning some lessons!  I’m sharing it with you, someone who may also be a worrier.

Do you need some help in your process?  Email me!  I’m a COACH!

I would love to help you intentionally design hope for your dreams!

Green Hope Coaching with KATHY BURRUS

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What? Me? Worry?

If you are a regular follower of, you may have noticed that there was a great deal of time that lapsed between my blog on April 28th- and my post last week.

Considering the fact that I am a blogger, that space of time concerned me.  You see, it wasn’t just the blog, but I wasn’t writing original content for much of anything, including the book that I told everyone about in my April 28th post.

I must admit I was overwhelmed by the response to that post on my website and Facebook.

  • Nearly 13,000- yes, that many 0’s- were reached with that post thanks to several of you who shared the post to your own Facebook friends.
  • 1,200 of those friends visited my website and actually read the blog post.
  • Over 350 of them engaged with me some way; leaving a message, a prayer response, a memory, a picture.
  • plus there were almost 75 others who signed up to support me and the project with prayer.

I have been overflowing with gratitude.  While overwhelmed is not quite the right word, I do have a confession.  As the responses started coming in, I found myself writing less and less on the book.  Honestly, in the last 8 weeks, I have not written much at all.

What- Me-Worry-As I have pondered my action- or lack of it, I realize that I was worrying!

I just listened in to an interview with Mitch Matthews of Dream, Think, Do over at the Self-Publishing Summit going on with Chandler Bolt.

Mitch talked about how worry keeps us from focusing.  Worry strangles the ability to see ahead or to think through options.

I felt the weight of expectations that others might have on me – on this book- and I just stopped writing. I felt paralyzed almost.  The more I tried to get in the right frame of mind, the more stress I felt.  And if you know me- stress puts me down faster than anything.  I spent much of early spring sleeping.  Some of you know what I mean.

But Mitch gave a great outline of how to overcome worry.  I was grateful to realize that I had been taking some of those steps without naming them.  But I did want to share them.

3 Steps to PUNCHING Worry in the face

Step 1: Acknowledge it

Step 2: Address it by Replacing it

Step 3: Do Something Intentional

I had to ACKNOWLEDGE my worry finally.

  • What am I concerned about?
  • What if I’m not a good enough writer?
  • What if I can’t tell my deeply personal stories of my life in a way that helps anyone?
  • How will the book be received by others?
  • Can I really pull off the cost- both money, time, etc.

They are real, tangible things to be concerned about. But Mitch reminded us that most issues can be dealt with and overcome with a little training.  Or with knowing the right people to make it happen.

Yet, most people get so caught up in the fear, they don’t acknowledge the fear and overcome it.

There is good and bad worry!

Good worry- keeps you out of dark alleys!  It flips the light on so you can see what ‘s out there!

Maybe the thing that causes you to worry is something you need to give attention.  Sometimes worry is a precursor to identifying something that will help you do great.

For instance, look at my worries above

  • I can take classes and workshops to become a better writer.
  • I can work with close friends and coaches to help me tell my story in a way that is full of hope for others.
  • I can break down tasks of writing or research into smaller chunks of time.  If I do a little everyday, it won’t be so overwhelming and yet I can make a great deal of progress in the long run.

Bad worry hold you back like mine was doing for me. There are things that you can do nothing about .  That is the worry you must let go of.

So using the worry I have above about how others will receive the book, I have no control over that.  I know there is interest from the responses to the April 28 post I shared earlier.  But I can’t control how those same people my respond to the book.   So I need to let it go.

But  how….!

TO BE CONTINUED>>> Click Here! 

Part 2: Doin’ Something about Worry!

Ready to launch your dream?

Have you ever made a decision that you knew was good, but you feared at the same time?

One year ago, I did!  I made a choice to enter the Bluffton Center for Entreprenuer’s Ropp Tripplet Business Plan CompetitionYou can read my story here!

My friend, Beth Boehr, of Beyond Budgeting and B&B Investments had entered her business a couple of years earlier and had encouraged me to work through the process.  I knew she had worked so hard, but was so excited about it. So it did!

It was a decision that brought Continue reading Ready to launch your dream?

Before the Resolution!

What keeps us from Keeping our New Year’s Resolutions? 

  1. We make resolutions or goals that are NOT true to ourselves.

Often goals are task oriented- which is great for the task oriented person who loves to check off a list of things done, who does a task for the sake of the task needing to be done.

But that doesn’t work for the person who is relational at the core- like me.  I don’t do things just because they need to be done.  I do them because it affects a relationship I care about.

Simple example, a task oriented person does the dishes because they need to be done.

A relational person does them because their spouse or their family benefit from having them done.

 So lets use ‘health’  as one of our resolutions for 2015, because chances are it is on everyone’s list to some degree.   The task oriented person will likely choose that goal because they see that this needs to be done to do life well.  The relational person will choose this goal because they want to be in the lives of the people in their world.

 Now I know that is over simplifying  because many of us have a bit of task and relationship in our personality.  But understanding this about yourself can be very freeing.   You begin to realize you are not right- or wrong- just different.

 A question you can ask is  Continue reading Before the Resolution!

Pondering the Old Year!

The Christmas season is over!  The year is drawing to a close.  Often Happy New Yearour minds are full of ponderings.  If they’re not, they should be. What a perfect time to take a look at the past year and all we experienced.

NOTICING the past plays a huge role in making the new year more successful!

As I began this journey, I NOTICED Continue reading Pondering the Old Year!

30 Day- How’d you do?

Well, my friends, I don’t think it is too fair of me to ask you that question and not be transparent with you about how I did.

So…here’s how my last 30 days went.

  • writing what I noticeMy original goal was to write 500 words every day.  I did accomplish 500 words for the first 20 days.  Then we left for Texas to see family and I scribbled things when I had a few minutes, but we were there to enjoy family.I actually thought that I would blog about each days noticing- but honestly, some of the things I noticed were more personal than I was ready to blog yet.  I know several of you have said that I often write quite personally.  That is true.  But I generally don’t share it with you till I’ve done some processing myself.  So…these things might show up in future posts.   I’m continuing my 500 Words a day goal in December.
  • If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I started writing about BROKENNESS. That is actually some of what I have been NOTICING in these 30 days. The Series is not complete- but in process.   My goal for December  is to complete this series.
  • My third goal was just a habit that was beginning to change 30 days ago. In many ways I felt like I have been becoming WHOLE!  Read through the past blogs to hear some of the story.   But a recent visit to have blood work done tells me my ‘autoimmune issues’ are affecting me again and my glucose is in the danger zone.  That was most disheartening because I had been working to control my diet, especially the sugars.For a few days, I felt like I was BROKEN again.  Then I realized this for the gift that it was.  I had asked God to heal me.  He was revealing to me what needed to be done.   So…the goal for the next 30 holi-days for my health has been made very clear.

So…How about you?  How’d you do in your 30 day challenge? 

30 Days wordsDid you accomplish you 30 day goals?
If so, pat yourself on the back!!!!  Congratulations!

If not, what were the obstacles that kept you from it?

What is your next step?

Listen gang!  We have just over 30 days left in 2015.  I know the temptation is to call it ‘HOLIDAYS” and chuck the lists for a while.

But what if INSTEAD we take a few minutes to identify what needs to be done yet in 2014?  What can we do that will not only give us a jump start on 2015, but will set up up for possibilities we only dreamed of in 2014?

I hope you will join us for the FINISH WELL CHALLENGE beginning Finish Welltoday.  By December 31st, what you want to have accomplished. Get more details here. 

If nothing else, let’s take a look back at 2014 and answer some of these questions.

  1. What are your celebrations for 2014?  Where did you ‘nail it’  or persevere till you completed the task?  What relationship was improved?  We spend little time acknowledging where we did it right!  I can hear you say, “well, it really was not that big of a deal”!  I encourage you to recognize if you set the goal for yourself and completed it, IT IS A BIG DEAL!
  2. What were your disappointments for 2014?   Where did you not succeed?  Where did a relationship fail?  Where did you give up but wish now you had kept going? I sometimes hear people say “you can’t cry over spilled milk?”  It’s true!  You can’t change the past.  But if we don’t take the time to say it for what it really is, and identify behaviors that may have caused it, we will not learn from our past.  We are destined to repeat them again and again.
  3. One of my favorites from Michael Hyatt is “What was missing?” That was a question I was missing.  Never thought to ask myself that. What is something that you want to be true of you that you did nothing in 2014 to make happen?  For instance, you want to have a relationship with your grandparents, but you didn’t make extra effort to see them on a regular basis.  Or you want to write a book, but you didn’t set schedule time to write. What’s missing?
  4. What lessons did you learn in 2014?  These could be in any area of life: spiritual, relational, professional, physical, etc.   Write down the reoccurring themes you noticed this year?  Write down in one word or brief sentence the messages you learned .  This step is so valuable as you look ahead to the new year.

I’ve set my goals for the next 30 days!  I hope you will join me in the journey.  If you need someone to help you determine what you really want to accomplish and hold you accountable to your dreams, that’s what I do!  I’m a coach! Email me at kathy@greenhopecoaching.

Here’s to finishing well!