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Come Pray with Me!

I woke up this morning LONGING!

for rest, for calm, for peace,

for space that inspires me to breathe new life

for extended time in His presence

in worship

in quiet

in desperation

in petition

in submission

in awakening

in owning

in sacrifice

in power!

Maybe you feel that way too!

Deep Woods- a journey with God 5 12 Well, Saturday morning, July 12th,  I’m going to the WOODS- Deep Woods. It’s a spiritual retreat center in the 25 acre woods behind Crossroads Church.

I would love for you to join me!

I’m not really looking for a ‘social’ visit- but I’m looking for prayer partners to join me in prayer:

  • for the hearts of women as we prepare for the NAKED TRUTH conference in October.  We can spend our time individually or together.
  • for our marriages and the health of marriages in our world.
  • for our intimacy with our Lord and the depth of our relationship with Him.

Will you meet me there? I invite you to wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty and bring your bug spray.  There is a mile long hiking trail that ends where it begins.  And there are cabins with comfortable seating and even beds if you need to find rest physically.

I probably won’t get there much before 9:00am.  But you are welcome to come earlier to walk the trails or use the prayer stations along the way. I’m planning on staying till noon.

If you let me know your coming ahead of time, I can be sure I’ve reserved enough cabins if we need them because of the weather. But if you forget to let me know- just come! Your presence is welcome.

God is at work!  I see it! I feel it every day!  I want to be sure I’m listening well, seeking him daily so that I can be in right partnership with him.

Join me in the DEEP WOODS- any time between 9:00am -12:00 noon -rain or shine.  Behind Crossroads Church 775 S Thayer Road, Lima, Oh 45806.

If you can’t come- but still want to join me in prayer- or if you have questions?  email or text/call me at 419-306-8311.

I’ll meet you at the cross!

LIFE! or Life?

Currently I am leading a study called PASSION PURSUIT with a group of women.  I have been glad that the group has been small and intimate.  The issues we have addressed have been transformational, not just for the others, but specifically for me. Often it has been in the community with these women that I have been changed-

  • Through their authentic sharing
  • Through the caring for one another’s deepest aches
  • Through the Holy Spirit illuminating our hearts and our longings

In one of the chapters, we have talked about the fact that God wants us to experience pure pleasure.

John 10:10 says

  • NIV: I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.
  • NLT: My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.
  • MSG: I came so they can have real and eternal life, more and better life than they ever dreamed of.

But I have wrestled with John’s words a lot over the past 4 weeks.  I struggle to FEEL all of those other words that make me think of LIFE.

Several observations I have noted:

  • This does not just refer to eternal life- meaning what’s yet to come, thought that is a significant part of the LIFE described.
  • This means NOW-
  • Right now have LIFE
  • Right now experience a rich and satisfying life
  • Right now have a better life than you ever dreamed of.

What do you think of when you read about that kind of LIFE?

  • Energy
  • Breath
  • Vitality
  • Being
  • Freedom
  • Heart
  • Excitement
  • Get up and go
  • Joy

That kind of LIFE impacts

  • My spiritual health
  • My marriage
  • My relationship with my girls and their husbands
  • My business
  • My finances
  • My physical health
  • My relationships with friends and my community
  • My influence on my world

However, through a series our Pastor has led us through at church called the PATH Of DESCENT, I have uncovered questions I have found myself asking- or hearing others ask are:

  • Why would God- who wants us to have a rich and satisfying life, allow us to experience such pain such as losing a job, or dream, or a child?
  • How can you experience PURE pleasure when our hearts and minds are tainted with death and loss and abuse?
  • How do you experience PURE anything when you know yourself- and the choices you made that you intentionally acted on that were sinful, not to mention those times we slip into sin when we aren’t alert? 

How do we reckon some of those questions with what we read in God’s word?  How do we balance the path of descent with abundant life?

Now- I know all my theologically thinking friends (and husband) already have some terrific answers.  Thank you for being willing to correct my thinking- but don’t!  Not yet anyway!  You see these questions and the emotions that go with them are a huge part of the conversation that the Lord and I are having together.  From the conversations I have had with others, I know I’m not alone in the dialog. 

Those who are honest enough to ask the hard questions directly of our Heavenly Father who makes the promises in His word, need to hear His answers.  As we consider Holy Week, it seems like the perfect time to consider the journey to the grave and then resurrection.

I’m still listening for the answers!  I promise I’ll share mine with you. I’d love to hear yours too. But in the mean time, what are some of the questions you find yourself asking this Holy week?

Maybe identifying the questions will help us hear the answers with greater clarity.

I’d love to hear yours!

So…during this HOLY week, what have your thoughts, questions, comments been on LIFE! or life? (my last post)

I’ve had a kazillion thoughts this week- I won’t bore you with them here, but I’ve included a few in private post so I can remember some of them. For those who want to know more- click here to read.

For a list of scripture that speak of LIFE, click here to read.

Hey! Pay Attention!

Have you noticed lately how challenging these days are?

You know the ones. You are so very ready for Spring to get here.
You get a glimpse of it, a hint of warmth and then…

and then it snows again!
March 29, 2014 another snow day

And then it snows again!

Cold returns – not just a little
With it comes the wind
And rain – not a beautiful spring rain but the cold, ice rain yet of winter.   It is snowing hard enough that it blinds you from seeing what’s ahead.  Gray days stifle & drain the hope from your day.

These are the days we must pay attention.

See, these are days we don’t realize how unsettled we feel. We just know we don’t like it any more. We don’t notice our deep sighs and continual complaining. We don’t understand how we are compounding the ache that those around us might be feeling.

These are the days when it feels like it’s always winter,  never Easter.

Pay attention friends!

This is the time for you and for me to be intentional:
to remember God is doing a different kind of miracle.
to appreciate the work Christ did out of love -out of obedience.
To embrace the moments of grieving, of burying the dead places of our heart.
to anticipate the resurrection.

Easter is coming!
The resurrection in nature will reveal itself to us in time.

But we have the privilege of preparing for it.
And as we do, actually living out the power of the resurrection of Christ now. The resurrection of our very lives.

What can you do to embrace this moment?
What do you do to keep hope alive in you during days like this?

Share your comments below.

You never know when something you say would be an encouragement to someone who is really struggling.